In 2003, Space Shuttle Columbia breaks apart in the skies over Texas. This four-part series combines first-hand testimony alongside previously unseen archive footage to chart the in-depth story of the Columbia Space Shuttle tragedy. At the heart of this story are the people who lived through it all – the astronauts’ wives, husbands and children, NASA staff, members of the Accident Investigation team, and a journalist, some of whom have never spoken before. The series reveals how and why the disaster happened, exploring the inherent risks and rewards of human space travel.

Part 1

Seven astronauts count down to the launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia’s 28th mission.

Part 2

A debris strike on the shuttle’s left wing raises alarms at NASA.

Part 3

Sixteen minutes from landing, Mission Control loses contact with the crew.

Part 4

Following the disaster, NASA comes under pressure to give answers.