CNN Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper goes behind the headlines to investigate some of the most outrageous and iconic political controversies of the modern era in the new CNN Original Series United States of Scandal with Jake Tapper.

Across six lively episodes, United States of Scandal examines what drives someone to break the rules and what happens when they are caught. Weaving together a rich tapestry of archival footage and illuminating conversations with some of the most famous and infamous figures in US politics, Tapper invites viewers into the stranger-than-fiction stories of sensational American political scandals. Featuring his signature wit and Emmy® Award-winning reporting, Tapper decodes the truth from spin in these legendary tales of ego, corruption, and collapse.

Rod Blagojevich

Jake sits down with the still-defiant former Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, to try to decode truth from spin in this legendary tale of one of the most corrupt politicians from America’s most corrupt state.

Mark Sanford

In a uniquely personal episode, Jake unpacks the “Appalachian Trail” scandal of his friend and former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and explores the difference between the politician and the man underneath.

John Edwards

Jake has a candid conversation with Rielle Hunter, the “other woman” in the scandal around former Senator and Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards. What began as a tabloid rumor about a campaign affair and a lovechild snowballed to primetime news and a federal trial.

Eliot Spitzer

In 2008, the Sheriff of Wall Street, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, imploded spectacularly when he was revealed to be the infamous Client 9 during a sex worker sting operation. Jake charts the rise and fall of a potential president with Spitzer’s former mentor and closest friend.

Jim McGreevey

Jake sits down with Jim McGreevey, the former golden boy of New Jersey politics who became a national icon when he came out as gay and resigned the Governorship in the same speech. But was there more to his story?

Valerie Plame

Jake sits down with Valerie Plame, a former covert CIA spy, outed by her own government, after her husband blew the whistle on the Bush administration’s faulty rationale for the war in Iraq.