JERUSALEM: CITY OF FAITH AND FURY tells the story of one of the most controversial cities in history through six epic conflicts and rivalries that shaped and defined it. Spanning from Biblical times to the Roman Empire to the Cold War, this series will bring the “City of God” to life as never before. One City… 3,000 Years… Six Defining Battles…. Jerusalem.

The Kingdom

After seizing Canaan, the Israelites wage war, ending in the battle of David and Goliath. David is made ruler and names Jerusalem as the new capital. Upon his death, David’s son ascends to the throne, but proves to be a different ruler.

Portrait Of A Leader

When King Herod claims Jerusalem from the Hasmoneans, he angers Cleopatra, who wants to reclaim Judea. Despite this conflict, Herod the Great manages to modernize the ancient city, revolutionizing the city of God forever.

A Country On Edge

Tension reaches a climax during the epic battle between Saladin and Richard the Lionheart during the Third Crusade. As these two prominent military strategists go to war, the fate of the holy city hangs in their balance.

A Proclamation

World War I finds Jerusalem under Ottoman rule. Prince Faisal leads an Arab revolt, aided and encouraged by Britain. The war ends with the British in control, declaring the Crusades over and setting in train the city’s next great conflict.

The Dogs of War

While World War II rages, Palestinian Arabs feel trapped. The British Mandate ends and the state of Israel is declared. War breaks out, ending in Israel’s independence. The Holy City lies divided a no-man’s land of barbed wires.

Hope, Tragedy, & The New Normal

Israel and its Arab neighbors are at war again on the streets of the Old City itself. While Israel emerges victorious, its control on territory ear-marked for a Palestinian state, creates the dilemma plaguing the Holy Land to this day.