When you are playing with fire, someone is bound to get burned. In the new HLN Original Series, SEX & MURDER, detectives undercover dirty secrets, scandalous sex affairs, online sex addictions, dangerous jealousy, and stunning twisted fantasies which have all led to murder.

Date with the Devil

Recently-divorced mom-of-three Ingrid Lyne dips her toes back into the dating scene and meets a man online. But her date at a baseball game would be her last. The next day, Seattle residents and investigators are shocked by one of the most chilling crime scenes ever seen.

Mommy’s Dirty Deeds

Mike Williams mysteriously disappears on his wedding anniversary, and it looks like he may have been eaten by alligators. But looks can be deceiving. A break in the case reveals the married family man’s life wasn’t quite what he thought.

Killer Affair

Days after a pregnant elementary school teacher disappears, her boyfriend goes in front of TV cameras and tearfully pleads for her return. But investigators soon discover the grieving boyfriend may have had more than one reason to cry.

Mom’s Deadly Secret

When Colorado soccer mom Paige Birgfeld suddenly vanishes, a small town is left on edge. As cops start to dig for clues, they make a shocking discovery: this devoted mom was living a secret double life.

Sugar Daddy Death

A married Google executive is found dead on his luxury yacht, those close to him are left baffled when the autopsy results are released. The only clue into Forrest Hayes’ death is an exotic woman seen on the boat’s surveillance. What does she know?

The Pastor’s Secrets

Churchgoers knew something was up when pastor Matthew Winkler didn’t show up for services. After he’s found dead on his bedroom floor, twisted sex fantasies and dark family secrets start to surface.