Season 3 of Sex & Murder uncovers the double lives, stunning greed, twisted grooming and deadly rampages of individuals, often motivated by sex. The series takes a deep dive into a new set of criminal cases through extensive interviews with investigators, reporters and family members and features never-before-seen interrogation footage and evidence. Sex & Murder returns April 24th at 10p ET/PT on HLN.

Code Name: Mr. Handcuffs

The bodies of two young women found dead in suitcases on the side of the road lead investigators to a former cop with a double life and a stunning confession.

Family Love Triangle

41-year old mom of three was brutally stabbed nearly 200 times in front of her 2 youngest children. Investigators reveal a sick and twisted motive behind the deadly rampage, and her daughter who witnessed the attack speaks for the first time.

The Two Matthews

Newlywed, Lauren Phelps was stabbed 123 times as she fought for her life. Could her killer blame his deadly rampage on cold medicine?

Cleanup Gone Wrong

51-year old mom, Gretchen Anthony goes missing from her Florida home. Stunning surveillance video in and around the home tells a twisted tale of her final hours.

Deadly Breakfast Date

A romantic and scenic early morning boat ride turns deadly when Larry Isenberg falls overboard. But investigators reveal the disappearance of half a million dollars could be motive for murder.

Murder on the Farm

24-year old Alex Woodworth was brutally stabbed 16 times and left for dead hanging halfway out of the killer’s car. But as investigators peel back the layers it’s revealed the killer’s many lovers is motive for murder.