Part One: Fathers and Sons

George H.W. Bush volunteers to go to woar and do his duty. The returning hero is reunited with his sweetheart Barbara and they give birth to their first child, the future President George W. Bush. Tragedy strikes when they lose their daughter Robin. Prescott Bush heads for the Senate while George H.W. begins his political journey from Texas to Washington.

Part Two: The Price of Loyalty

Blinded by loyalty to his president and ignoring the advice of his family, George H.W. Bush is betrayed by Richard Nixon. His children start to follow in his footsteps, a young Jeb gets married to Columba while George W. falls in love with Laura. The Bushes rally behind George H.W. as he makes a bid for the White House.

Part Three: A Family Triumph

George H.W. Bush becomes a loyal vice president to Ronald Regan but his wife Barbara falls out with jealous First Lady Nancy. George W. commits to a life of sobriety while becoming the father of twin daughters. With a newfound purpose, he helps propel his father to become the 41st President of the United States.

Part Four: First Family

The Bushes have finally made it to the White House but having a father as a president hits Neil Bush hard when scandals strike. George H.W. triumphs against Saddam but the Bush family suffer a bitter election defeat and the loss of their matriarch Dorothy.

Part Five: Sibling Rivalry

George W. and Jeb Bush are two brothers determined to make it to the Governor’s mansion but only one will succeed. Laura Bush fears the consequences of having a second president in the family but she can’t stop her husband becoming “43” who soon faces his greatest ever test as America comes under attack.

Part Six: The End of A Dynasty?

President George W. Bush strives to secure the second term his father never won. But the war he started in Iraq will define his presidency and cast a long shadow on the Bush family.

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The Bush Years follows in the footsteps of the top-rated CNN Original Series American Dynasties: The Kennedys. Narrated by Academy Award-nominated actor Ed Harris, the series explores the Bush family’s internal dynamics: the influential matriarchs, sibling ambitions and unceasing competitive spirit which drove them to power. Through archival footage and interviews with historians, journalists, political figures and Bush family members, the series reveals a story of triumph, tragedy, heroism, faith, and an evolving conservatism.

The Bush Years is produced by Raw TV with Harris, Louise Norman, Amy Entelis and Lizzie Fox serving as executive producers and Melanie Archer as series producer. Following the premiere, the series will regularly air Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CNN.


3/3 9p Part One: Fathers and Sons
3/3 10p Part Two: The Price of Loyalty
3/10 10p Part Three: A Family Triumph
3/17 10p Part Four: First Family
3/24 10p Part Five: Sibling Rivalry
3/31 10p Part Six: The End Of A Dynasty?