9/29 Porn Ed

Lisa Ling takes on a topic most of us avoid: online pornography and how it is shaping a generation’s perception on sex and intimacy.

10/6 The Benzo Crisis

Lisa Ling delves into the world of benzodiazepine use and uncovers the troubling threat these drugs pose when used long term, and the challenges facing patients who try to quit.

10/13 A Few Good Women

Lisa Ling gets a rare look inside the Marine’s initiative to integrate the men and women in combat training, where they learn to fight and kill.

10/20 Mississippi Gangland

Lisa Ling explores the inner workings of Mississippi’s fastest growing gang, The Simon City Royals, and how some members are walking away from the brotherhood and turning their lives around.

10/27 Twinning

Lisa Ling explores our endless fascination with identical twins and the unfathomable bond shared between them.

11/03 When Women Kill

Lisa Ling meets two convicted female killers to explore what led them to their crimes, and the unique circumstances that connect the women who commit murder.

11/10 Swingers

Lisa Ling attends the country’s largest swingers party in New Orleans and learns how the swinging lifestyle is evolving into a movement for total sexual freedom.

11/17 Fighting Terror In NYC

In the weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve, Lisa Ling embeds with the NYPD to find out what it takes to keep NYC safe from terror threats.

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The CNN Original Series, This is Life with Lisa Ling, is an investigative docuseries in which award-winning journalist and author Lisa Ling travels across America immersing herself in communities that are unusual, extraordinary and sometimes dangerous.


9/29 10p Porn Ed
10/06 10p The Benzos Crisis
10/13 10p A Few Good Women
10/20 10p Mississippi Gangland
10/27 10p Twinning
11/03 10p When Women Kill
11/10 10p Swingers
11/17 10p Fighting Terror in NYC


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