The Legacy of Vincent Chin

Lisa shines light on the murder of a Chinese American in Motor City in the 1980’s and witnesses communities combatting a new wave of anti-Asian hate crimes.

The Conspiracy Effect

Lisa reveals the deep roots of conspiracy thinking and misinformation in America, and how tech companies have been profiting from the fallout.

Sex Work: Past, Present & Future

Lisa investigates the current debate about decriminalizing sex work, and uncovers a surprising experiment during the Civil War to legalize the world’s oldest profession.

American Militias

Lisa unpacks the origins of so-called militias in America and the dramatic emergence of armed movements as a domestic threat.

Chicago’s History of Violence

Lisa will take a journey back in time to ask if “Black on Black” crime is a result of over one hundred years of deliberate and systematic actions by a group of people who felt oppressed when they first arrived in Chicago.

Gay Panic

Lisa uncovers a Cold War campaign to purge LGBTQ+ Individuals from the government and meets those who are still grappling with its legacy.

Osage: Reign of Terror

Lisa investigates the murders of wealthy Native Americans during the 1920’s oil boom and witnesses how the descendants are fighting to revive what was nearly lost forever.

Intolerable: Sex Crimes in the Military

At what may finally be a moment for true reform, Lisa investigates the decades-long war on sexual assault and harassment in the military.


The award-winning CNN Original Series, “This is Life with Lisa Ling,” returns for its eigth season on Sunday, October 10, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The eight-part immersive docuseries follows journalist Lisa Ling as she travels across America exploring communities that are often unknown or misunderstood. 

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